Thursday, September 27, 2007

Christmas Fairy Garden

Miniature Christmas Garden CottageCan you believe it? Christmas is lurking just around the corner and rapidly creeping up upon us! Before you know it, it will be time to trim the tree and we'll be immersed in the commotion of holiday festivities!

We love Christmastime and the winter holiday season almost as much as we love fairy gardening! This blog post is a little longer than usual, but once we get started thinking about Christmas my mind starts dreaming of cold crisp winter nights as the smell of burning cedar drifts from the freshly stoked fireplace. Like a child staying up all night giddy with anticipation over the bounty of gifts Santa is sure to deliver, I can hardly wait for Christmas this year.

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Miniature Fairy Christmas GardenChristmas Fairy Gardens:
Ahhh, I can close my eyes and smell the aromas of baking cinnamon and nutmeg wafting from the kitchen and feel the nip of frosty air on my toes as I bundle up go visit the fairies in our winter gardens.

While we've trimmed back the gardens for the winter, we adore decorating our gardens for Christmas. Delicate white icicle lights and gaily colored Christmas lights twinkle brilliantly amongst the leaves and every corner of our miniature gardens. A dazzling lighted angel resumes her annual throne above our fairy garden watching over the little fairies slumbering fast away beneath their fairy houses.

Everywhere you glance, you catch a hint of Christmas spirit: the garden gnomes are sporting red Santa hats, the fairy doors are bedecked with miniature wreaths and even our miniature garden squirrel figurines are trimmed with festive plaid Christmas bows!

We love the unbridled joy that Christmas evokes, the warm kindhearted spirit and the childish innocent delight embodies everything that a fairy garden was meant to be!

While we never forget the true reason for the season, in ancient times the winter festivities also served to buoy the spirit and provide hope that spring truly was eternal, reassuring us that the warm fertile weather would once again return.

While we tend to our small partioned winter gardens we can’t help longing for our sprawling springtime fairy gardens filled with lush greenery and brilliant flowers. To tide us over until spring, we create miniature fairy container gardens that bring the spirit of our miniature fairy gardens inside while it’s too cold to work outdoors in the garden.

Miniature Christmas Container Gardens: Miniature Christmas Container Gardens

When it’s too cold to work outside in your frost coated outdoor garden, bring the joy of your miniature fairy gardens inside by creating magical maintenance free miniature landscapes! Stop by and visit our featured Christmas container gardens.

Miniature container gardens are easy to create! Start with a basic container: you can use any type of flower pot, saucer, bowl or urn to create the base of your miniature container garden. You can even transform a plain unfettered garden saucer into an enchanted container by painting and decorating it.

You can choose to create either a living miniature garden with real plants or a faux miniature landscape that doesn’t require watering or careful attention. If you’re creating a living miniature fairy container garden, be sure to select a container with drainage holes to ensure proper drainage for your miniature garden plants. Plant any type of low growing flowering plants and place your miniature fairy garden container in the sunlight for your magical miniature indoor fairy garden to flourish.

You can create an enchanted miniature Christmas container garden like the ones pictured above without any plants. Simply fill your miniature garden containers with gravel, decorative glass, marbles or any imaginative material you happen to have on hand. You can place decorative moss and enchanted stones to create the perfect mesmerizing miniature fairy garden scene. With our handcrafted miniature flower garden accessories you don't even need real plants!

Fairy Container Garden Tip: Instead of a miniature container or saucer you can also create a miniature fairy garden in an ordinary basket.

Christmas Fairy Garden Gifts:

Are you excited about fairy gardening as we are? Give the gift of fairy gardening to a friend this year to spread the enchantment of fairy gardens. We love creating miniature fairy garden containers or miniature fairy gardens in baskets and giving them as gifts to our friends for Christmas.

Be sure to visit our selection of fairy gardening gifts for you to find just the perfect miniature fairy garden gifts and accessories for your Christmas fairy garden gifts whether you’re an old hand at fairy gardening or new to the magical world of miniature fairy gardens.

What’s coming up…

We can’t wait to share with you our latest adventures and new miniature fairy gardening products. We’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of new gnomes, fairy pets in a jar, and tiny baby fairy figurines to add to your miniature fairy garden!

We’ll also be adding a link section of wonderful fairy gardening resources to our blog, and we’re thrilled to have a guest blogger blog about fairy gardening plants in the future and well as a special section on catching sight of wintertime fairies. Thank you for joining us on our journey, your comments are always welcome!

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