Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Give Thanks for Fairies

Miniature Garden Fall ChurchFinally! The first refreshing days of cool fall weather are upon us here in California. After the long dry summer it's divinely refreshing to feel the first cool breezes of fall whispering through our fairy gardens.

I've been busy working on our indoor and patio container fairy gardens during the summer heat but the crisp hint of fall air has sent me scurrying back out into my garden to start decorating for fall.

Fall is the perfect time for gardening and we love sitting outside watching the rich foliage change colors as the fall season rapidly approaches. This year we wanted to reflect the changing weather in our fairy garden so we went busily to work handcrafting our favorite fall fairy garden miniatures. Need some fall garden miniatures of your own? Stop by our fall fairy garden page for some of our favorite fall miniatures!

Miniature Pumpkins and Fall GourdsThe Magic of Fall Fairies

Attract fairies into your garden by decorating your miniature fairy garden for fall. Fairies were actually thought to flourish during the harvest season and peasants would leave sweet offerings in their garden in hopes that the magical wee fairies would help provide for a bountiful harvest and protect the food stores over the winter months.

In agrarian times, life often depended on the rewards of your garden so it's no wonder farmers looked to the magic of fairies to protect their herbs and gardens.

Miniature Fall Hay BalesAdd Enchanted Fall Miniatures:

I don't know about you, but I'm not sure it's wise to leave sweet treats out in the garden in today's modern gardening environment. We have more than our share of woodland creatures that enjoy gallivanting through our miniature gardens. We are in the works of creating a miniature faux pumpkin pie that we hope to add to our gardens and websites shortly, I'll keep you appraised on our progress.

You can attract the fall fairies into your garden by decorating your miniature fairy garden with fall themed miniatures! Add miniature pumpkins and squashes, miniature hay bales, miniature fall garden decor and more fall themed miniatures to catch the eye of roaming fall fairies.

Indoor Fall Gardens:

Too cold in your region for outdoor fairy gardening? It's the perfect time to create a miniature fall container garden or plan an unique Thanksgiving centerpiece. All you need for an indoor or patio protected miniature fall garden is an ordinary garden saucer. Don't want to spend time caring for live plants? You can fill your miniature garden saucers with gravel or decorative rocks and glass and then unleash your imagination placing all of your magical miniatures, faux flowers, plants and miniature flower garden accessories.

Thanksgiving and Fall Centerpieces:

Need an idea for a unique fall or Thanksgiving centerpiece this year? We used our miniature garden church (pictured at the top of the page) as an indoor miniature table centerpiece by placing pumpkin cranberry scented tea lights inside the miniature building for the light and fragrance to softly waft through the fall church, creating an enchanting indoor garden display.

We hope that you are able to enjoy the fall weather and let the crisp cool air rejuvenate both your spirit and your miniature fairy gardens!
Enjoy a moment away from the hustle of everyday life to search for the enchanted fall fairies hiding among the rich maple leaves and decadent fall foliage.

We'd love to hear how you decorate your miniature gardens for fall!

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  1. You know I love your product and your website. I am totally obsessed with my fairy garden. Now it is a major development requiring infrastructure improvement on a regular basis.

    I've added a couple of little buildings I made myself out of twigs, coffee cans and preserved leaves

    I'd love to hear about protecting my delightful garden from the elements, and growing appropriate plants in difficult conditions (I'm in a desert/mountain/scrub kind of place).

    In any event, the days are shorter and cooler, but that means I can't visit my fairies every day when I get home and I find I miss them.

    Is this unusual?