Friday, October 5, 2007

A Bridge to the Fairies

Concrete Miniature Fairy Garden BridgeIt all started when I caught sight of a plain miniature wooden row boat shopping one day and thought cheerfully to myself; wouldn’t that look cute with a magical little fairy sitting it it? I quickly scurried home to my sketchbooks eager to recreate my imagined scene and start work on a new miniature fairy garden project.

No matter where I travel throughout my day, the fairies always find a way to whisper new ideas of inspiration into my ear, eager I suppose, to reap the benefits of a new addition to their outdoor miniature fairy garden. And too often as what happens with a single idea, the miniature fairy row boat spawned into a whole collection of miniature fairy garden water accessories.

Miniature Wood BridgeIn the center of our miniature garden sits a miniature pond, well more on a scale of a miniature lake to the fairies, for all of our rabbits, deer and woodland creatures to stop and imbibe a refreshing drink. While our miniature pond serves a practical purpose, I thought how enchanting it would be to create an entire miniature fairy water feature, dedicated for our fairies, gnomes and magical wee garden folk to joyfully frolic in.

We set to work creating three styles of miniature garden bridges to enchant your miniature fairy garden water displays. Our talented fairy garden artist, Lee, had long ago created a magical wooden fairy garden bridge that’s perfect for any of your garden nooks and crannies. We’re excited to offer you two sizes of our brand new handcrafted concrete fairy bridges complete with entwined floral vines and sparkling miniature fairy crystal balls.

Attract Fairies with Miniature Water Features:
There are many water loving fairies that will be unable to resist your miniature fairy garden ponds lakes and streams. Fairies adore skimming the water’s surface of streams and lakes or catching a ride on shimmering dragonflies as they dive through the mist of miniature waterfalls. You’ll often hear the lighthearted fairies splashing about with glee only to glance up and reveal nothing in the water to cause all the commotion of splashing. Your mischievous miniature fairies might even try to playfully splash you as you stroll by your miniature fairy gardens.

Magical creatures like fairies, selkies, and mermaids have long been associated with watery habitats. Many of the mysterious fairy sightings over the centuries have take place around streams, lakes and riverbeds.

How to Create a Miniature Garden Pond:

Creating a miniature garden pond is easier than you think! While there are many professional tools and pond liners available, you can create a magical miniature pond with only a few simple ingredients.

The first step in creating your miniature fairy pond is to dig your desired size hole in the earth anywhere in your miniature fairy garden. You can create your ponds in natural irregular shapes, perfectly round circles, or any enchanted design that you can dream up! Place a sheet of mesh or chicken wire firmly into your pond structure and then fill with concrete, carefully smoothing the concrete over the mesh or wire for a placid even surface. While your cement is still wet you can insert gravel, river rock, stones, smashed tile, or decorative glass or any other type of aggregate to create a dynamic enchanted pond fit for your magical miniature fairy gardens.

Quick Pond Tip: You can place a fountain pump in your miniature ponds to create cascading fountains or mini waterfalls in your enchanted fairy water gardens.

More Fairy Water Garden Ideas:

Don’t have the time or space to maintain miniature water fairy gardens? You can create meandering streams running through your miniature fairy garden with decorative blue glass fragments. Trickle decorative blue glass underneath your miniature fairy bridge and throughout your garden for a dazzling brooks and streams that will capture the sunlight.

You can also create magical fairy water container gardens. The photographs illustrated depict one of our many enchanted fairy water container gardens. We placed a handcrafted shallow cement bowl on a rustic gnarled stump that’s filled with water and fairy garden miniatures. Our raised miniature fairy container garden keeps the deer and rabbit away from our delicate miniatures and we enjoy watching our garden birds stop by for a quick sip of water.

What’s coming up…

We’ve been so inspired by our miniature fairy garden bridges and miniature water features, we’re busy at work at work creating a concrete miniature lighthouse and more matching miniature water fairy garden accessories so be sure to stay tuned!

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