Friday, October 26, 2007

Enchanted Halloween

Enchanted Gardens wishes you Happy Hallowen! Halloween Fairies:

Our miniature fairy gardens have been very quiet as the fall season descends on our miniature fairy gardens. While the brilliant fall colors are beginning to flourish in our garden, the days are growing increasingly shorter and the fairies seem to be concealing their presence from us. Perhaps the magical fae folk are consumed with enchanted preparations for All Hallows Eve.

After all, All Hollow’s Eve is one of the most magical nights of the year where the realms of enchantment and our ordinary worlds blur for a few moments bringing us ever closer to the slumbering world of enchantment.

Fairies embrace the magical tradition of the ancient celebration of Halloween along with our modern holiday and will surely be frolicking through your garden this Halloween holiday season.

Sweet Whimsy:

Fairies approve of our modern tradition of trick or treating and feasting on sweet candy. Don’t be surprised if a few of your Halloween candies disappear from your goody bag when you’re not looking, the fairies can’t help but resist the bountiful sweet confections. Lure the fairies and fae back into your garden with the sweet scent of melted caramel as you make decadent old fashioned caramel covered apples. Don’t want to spoil your sweet tooth or your diet? Step back in time and roast seasoned pumpkin seeds for a fragrant healthier treat that will entice the fairies back into your gardens and kitchen.

Childhood Delight:

Halloween is the perfect time to embrace your inner child and frolic in the enchanted world of fairies, gnomes, sprites and elves! Mischievous fairies will be whispering in your ear all day urging you to bob for apples and frolic in your fairy garden with unbridled spirit. Halloween is an expressive day of imagination and creativity, everything a magical miniature fairy garden embodies. If nothing else, Halloween gives you an excuse to dress up as a fairy without raising any eyebrows. Take advantage of this fanciful holiday to revel in the childish delight of enchantment.

Enchanted Gardens wishes you an enchanted Halloween this year! Tell us how you celebrate Halloween with the fairies and fae!

Happy Enchanted Halloween

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