Monday, October 29, 2007

Fairy Garden Fountain

Miniature Fairy Garden Fountain Pictured Above: Miniature Fairy Garden Fountain - $16.95


We're excited to unveil our new miniature fairy garden fountain, the perfect magical miniature accent for your enchanted gardens, fairy gardens and gnome gardens. It's the perfect elegant touch of home and garden decor.

Fountain features curved terraced antique steps leading up to an enchanted stone miniature fairy garden complete with miniature detailed faux water. You'll love the antique inspired miniature lion head issuing a stream of faux water into the miniature garden bowl.

Fountain is composed of heavy duty resin for use anywhere in your miniature fairy gardens, gnome gardens, miniature displays and enchanted themed gardens.

A note from Enchanted Gardens:

We've been busily creating all of your miniature garden houses and fairy garden accessories for the Christmas shopping season. We wish we had a staff of elves helping us along the way, the fairies seem only interested in hiding supplies from us. Maybe we can entice the fairies into lending a helping hand with the promise of a new fairy house design?

We may have our heads down during the Christmas rush, but rest assured we are still hard at work at creating new miniature garden houses, cottages, furniture, fairy doors and accessories. While we love the crisp autumn weather we're already dreaming of our spring gardens. We can't wait to share all of our new exciting developments, projects, and products with you. Thank you for joining us on our journey!

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