Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gnome Figurines

Miniature Gnome Figurine with Bird
Pictured above: Nature Gnome - $7.95

Miniature Gnome Figurines Have Arrived!!

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our Enchanted Garden's family! After almost a year of searching we've finally discovered a miniature gnome figurine collection that we're ready to adopt and welcome into our miniature gnome, fairy, and enchanted miniature gardens.

It's been a long journey searching high and low for just the perfect miniature gnome figurines to join our fairies and magical wee folk at Enchanted Gardens. We encountered larger towering garden gnomes, tiny neon gnomes and everything in between but nothing that would incorporate well with our miniature sized gnome and fairy gardens. Imagine our surprise when the little gnome pictured above sought us out and asked to join our enchanted family

Pictured above: Happy Gnome - $7.50

We instantly fell in love with these unique charismatic gnomes and knew we had to share them with you to adopt into your own magical miniature gnome and fairy gardens. Each gnome wears his unique compelling personality that will bring cheer and enchantment into your home and garden!

The entire collection of fabulous gnome figurines feature unique intricate details. You'll adore the rich lustrous colors, flowing long white beards, and even adorable pointed gnome inspired shoes.

Mushroom Lounging Gnome

Pictured above: Lounging Gnome - $7.95

These alluring miniature gnomes feature such enchanting whimsical expressions that will inspire you to unleash your inner child and frolic with the gnomes, fairies, and sprites in your enchanted miniature gardens.

Enchanted Gnome Gardens:

Our journey into the world of enchanted miniature gardening actually began with an ancient miniature gnome figurine that was cracked and weathered with age. Despite its less that pristine appearance, he still managed to shine in our tiny miniature garden that wasn't much bigger than a flowerpot. Our gnome inspired us to create first a miniature gnome door and a primitive toadstool gnome abode.

Our one little gnome display exponentially grew into countless fairy gardens, miniature animal gardens, fantasy gardens and fairytale storybook gardens until we ran out of room to create! Let a little gnome figurine inspire you on your enchanted garden journey.

Pictured above: Gnome House - $68.95

We hope you enjoy our new miniature gnome figurines as much as we do! Send us your stories about your miniature gnome gardens.

What's coming up...

We have over a dozen new products we are adding this week so be sure to stay tuned to our blog. We also have a post planned on winter fairies, and more details about winter miniature fairy gardens.

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