Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fairy Mushroom Garden

Stained Glass Mushroom Fairy Garden StakeMushrooms are a staple of any miniature fairy garden! Much like the enchanted details of a fairy garden, mushrooms are an easy thing to overlook. Many don’t even notice mushrooms growing underfoot or if they do, they’re easily shrugged off as annoying eyesores in the garden.

Mushrooms, however, have long held a steadfast place in fairy garden and gnome garden lore. We invite you to explore our homage to fairy garden mushrooms with our exploration of fairy mushroom rings and our handcrafted fairy garden mushroom products.

Miniature Mushroom Madness:

Handcrafted Concrete Mushroom HousePictured above: Mushroom Fairy House - $36.95
Handcrafted solid concrete outdoor miniature mushroom house for your fairy gardens.

Ordinary mushrooms have long been associated with the enchanted magic of the realm of fairies, gnomes, and magical wee folk. Mushrooms were thought to be a direct portal into the mystical world of enchanted wee garden folk. Ancient illustrations and modern storybooks alike depict miniature gnomes reposing under the brim of a red capped mushroom. Many wee fairies, gnomes, sprites and pixies often make their homes amongst the mushrooms, allowing them to quickly depart to their magical realm when humans roam to closely to their hidden homes. Perhaps the majority of folklore surrounding the magic properties of mushrooms involves the peculiar occurrence of fairy mushroom rings.

What is a fairy mushroom ring?

Fairy Mushroom Ring
Picture above created with our Wild Thyme Fairy Figurine - $13.50 and Miniature Gnome Mushrooms - $4.95.

Quite simply, a fairy mushroom ring is a group of mushrooms growing in a circular pattern. Fairy rings can range from tiny rings to record breaking geometric circles. A fairy mushroom ring is certainly a bizarre sight to behold, a circle of mushrooms growing in an isolated field prohibiting the growth of any other plants within its magical circle. It was thought that fairy rings were created by the fairies, gnomes and magical wee folk dancing about, hands entwined, in a circular fashion singing magical songs of enchantment. Where their magical wee footprints had trodden, a trace of their unearthly magic was permanently stamped into the ground.

Enchanted Miniature Mushroom Fariy RingPicture above created with our Geranium Fairy - $13.50 and Miniature Natural Mushrooms - $4.95

It was advised to avoid fairy rings at all costs lest you be transported into the realm of fairies and unable to return back to the human land. Fables tell of unfortunate humans trapped in the realm of the fairies and held hostage by fairy queens.

Creating miniature fairy mushroom rings in your enchanted miniature fairy garden:

Miniature Mushroom Fairy Door
Pictured above our handcrafted concrete Mushroom Fairy Door - $16.95

Bring the magic of enchanted mushrooms into your fairy garden to lure fairies, gnomes, sprites, elves and pixies into your miniature garden. Create your own magical miniature fairy garden display by using miniature mushrooms and miniature mushroom decor to entice the fairies and gnomes into making your garden their new home.
We always welcome your comments, tell us about the magical fairy rings you've created or how you've incoportated your miniature mushrooms into your fairy garden. We always love hearing from you!
A note from our website:
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What's coming up...
We're busy at work creating new, larger and more detailed versions of our miniature garden mushrooms. Be sure to check back and keep an eye out for our new miniature mushrooms.

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