Saturday, November 3, 2007

Baby Fairy Figurines

Baby Fairy Figurines We're excited to announce the arrival of our newest fairy figurines - Baby Fairies!!! These darling baby fairy figurines are the perfect miniature size to tuck away anywhere in your miniature fairy gardens, container gardens, or magical miniature displays.

At only $2.95 each, these dazzling miniature fairy figurines are equally adorable and affordable magical miniature accents of enchantment.

Baby Fairy
These tiny fairy figurines feature delicate fairy outfits, glittering detailed fairy wings, and unique individual expressions and personalities! These tiny fairies measure from 2 - 2 3/4" tall, just the perfect size to hide away in your enchanted minaiture fairy gardens. 16 styles in all!

These delightful miniature fairies are the perfect accents to any sized fairy garden and can be tucked away in your fairy furniture, fairy garden miniatures, container gardens, and any of your indoor fairy displays.

Tiny Miniature Fairy Gardens:

Pictured above: Tiny Gazing Ball - $3.95

We love fairy gardens in any sized scale but there’s something so magical about the tiniest of fairy gardens. You can crouch down and study the details of the magical miniature worlds and imagine the fairies buzzing by and spreading their magical enchantment. We love to discover miniatures of every scale and size but the smallest are some of our favorites.

Miniature Baby Fairy HousePictured above - Baby Fairy House - $16.95

My personal favorite fairy house that we create for your outdoor fairy gardens is our Baby Fairy House. This charming miniature fairy house is the perfect tiny size for your smaller scale miniature fairy gardens and container gardens.

Miniature Wee Fairy DoorPictured above: Wee Fairy Door - $6.95

Showcasing the magical tiny world, our miniature squirrel appraises his lovely garden in front of our handcrafted wee fairy door. Share with us your photos and stories of the tiniest realms of your miniature fairy garden. We love being inspired by your miniature garden creations!

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