Monday, November 26, 2007

Concrete Fairy Doors

A note about the upcoming holidays:
Happy Holidys from Enchanted GardensWe've been quieter than usual keeping busy working hard with all the fairies to deliver you all of your enchanted fairy garden and miniature garden accessories. We're encourage that all orders be placed by December 10th for your Christmas deliveries. We have so many exciting things planned for 2008 that we're busting at the seams! Visit us after Christmas for a sneak preview!
NEW! Concrete Fairy Doors
Blue Fairy DoorPictured above: Blue Fairy Door - $12.95

We're proud to the announce the arrival of five new styles of handcrafted concrete fairy doors. These jovial fairy doors are the perfect miniature garden accents to brighten up your miniature fairy and gnome gardens. Express your individual personality by choosing the perfect colorful concrete fairy door that will survive the seasons in your outdoor miniature and fairy gardens!

Fairy doors aren't reserved exclusively for fairies! These magical miniature fairy doors are the perfect three dimensional accent for any of your enchanted gardens! You'll find our unique handcrafted fairy doors featured in our gnome gardens, fairy gardens, medieval gardens, fairytale gardens and more! Gnomes, fairies, leprechauns, pixies, sprites, elves, dragons, unicorns and all the magical wee folk that bring their brand of enchantment into your home and gardens!

Green Fairy DoorPictured above: Green Fairy Door - $12.95

Our concrete fairy doors are one of our favorite miniature garden staples! They're easy to place anywhere in your outdoor gardens and enchanted displays! Each fairy door features unique three dimensional accents and individual hand painted detail. We finish our doors with individual moss accents an additional sealant for even more incredible protection in your outdoor fairy gardens!

Oak Hollow Fairy Door

Pictured above: Oak Hollow Fairy Door - $12.95

We love hearing your stories about how you use your magical fairy doors in your own outdoor gardens. Our friend hides her miniature fairy doors in nooks and crannies for her children to find and search for magical signs of enchantment. She loves to sprinkle fairy glittering fairy dust throughout the garden as hints of where the fairies have travelled.

Grand Pixie Fairy Door

Pictured above: Grand Fairy Door - $13.95

Thank you for your continued support on our miniature fairy garden journey. We hope you are enjoying an enchanted holiday season this year! No matter what type of holiday you celebrate, we wish you merry gatherings, good cheer, and a joy filled season with your friends and family!

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