Friday, November 9, 2007

Fairy Doors

Handcrafted Red Concrete Fairy DoorsPictured above: Red Fairy Door - $11.95

We're pleased to announce the arrival of three new fairy doors to our collection of handcrafted miniature fairy doors! What is a fairy door you may ask? The simple answer is a fairy door is a miniature door that's merely a garden accent in any of your themed gardens. But a fairy door is more than just an ordinary door, it's a portal into the realm of magic, enchantment creativity and imagination.

Pictured above: Fairy Charm Door (left) - $6.95, Wee Fairy Door (right) - $6.95, Tiny Pine Tree - $0.99, Miniature Lop Eared and Wild Rabbit - $2.50 each.

Fairy doors provide the mystical miniature fairies, gnomes, sprites, elves and magical wee folk an easy portal into your miniature gardens, fairy gardens and home! Fairies are shy miniature creatures that quickly dart away from prying human eyes. A magical miniature fairy door provides the fairies easy access between the mundane worlds of humans and the enigmatic world of enchantment and imagination. Tuck a miniature fairy door away in your enchanted miniature gardens to inspire you to daydream about the world of imagination and enchantment we so often forget during the hustle of everyday life.

Handcrafted Enchanted Fairy Doors

Pictured above a collage of our Pixie Stone Fairy Door - $11.95 and Snow Drop Fairy Figurine - $13.50

Where to place your fairy doors:

Fairy doors are so versatile that you can place virtually anywhere!! Looking to place your miniature fairy doors outside in your miniature fairy gardens? Simply place your fairy doors in any magical nook and cranny that needs a touch of enchantment. Prop your miniature fairy doors against trees, antique stumps, rocks, flower beds, garden walls, gates, etc. They can fit virtually anywhere and can be installed in mere seconds!

Pictured above: Enchanted Fairy Door - 7.5" - $15.00 and Miniature Dragon - $5.00

Decorate your Miniature Fairy Doors:

Embrace your inner child and enjoy a moment in your enchanted miniature gardens decorating your fairy doors! Select interesting and natural flat rocks or trickle a stream of gravel to create magical pathways leading up to your enchanted miniature door. The possibilities are limitless, simply decorate your fairy doors with any of your miniature garden figurines, miniature accessories, plants, flowers and more! You can even change your magical miniature scenes with the passing seasons and holidays!

Pictured above: Miniature Tree Door - $16.95

Miniature fairy doors aren't limited only to fairies! These magical miniature fairy doors make the perfect magical dwelling for gnomes, pixies, and animals. You can even place them against interior baseboards to simulate magical miniature mouse doors. Use your imagination and these magical miniature fairy doors are perfect for any miniature display.

Fairy Doors from Enchanted Gardens.

We offer two categories of unique handcrafted fairy doors, over 20 fairy door styles in all! Stop by our fine handcrafted wood fairy doors and handcrafted concrete fairy doors. all suitable for use in your outdoor miniature fairy gardens so you can find the miniature fairy door that will fit perfectly into your miniature fairy garden! Doors range in size from 3" tall to 9" tall from $6.95 - $24.95 The perfect door for every garden or enchanted miniature scene!

A note from Enchanted Gardens:

Fairy doors are one of our favorite miniature fairy garden accessories and we are always looking to expand our line of fairy doors. We have three new styles of fairy doors well on their way in productions so be sure to browse our fairy doors for the latest styles.

Do you incorporate fairy doors in your enchanted gardens? Tell us your stories and ideas, we love being inspired by your magical projects.

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