Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Enchanted Resolutions

Enchanted Gardens has been encased in a bone chilling fog the last few weeks. If there’s one thing we take for granted here in California it’s the sunshine. Our fairy gardens were virtually lost in the penetrating thick fog and I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the oppressive feeling the fog seemed to carry with it. With the inclement gloom there certainly wasn’t a single fairy to be found anywhere.

I found myself longing for the fragrant blooms of spring and the lush greenery that I know will soon fill our gardens. I have to admit our fairy gardens look quite neglected with the roses pruned back, the busy rush of Christmas and causing us to neglect maintaining the garden and a family visiting deer that has taken to munching on all of our winter plants despite our prolific use of natural deer repellant.

As I wandered around my somber gardens I was beginning to give up hope of finding any traces of enchantment when the delightful world of the fae revealed itself before my eyes. Beneath a trailing live oak limb I caught a glimpse of bright green and stooped below to investigate. Lifting a veil of branches to allow myself to pass, I stepped into a magical miniature world of lush enchantment.

A group of slanted granite rocks formed a natural sort of cairn sloping down into a miniature pool filled with freshly melted snow and trickling rainwater. The rocks were covered with the most decadently lush moss I have ever laid eyes on. The rainy season is just beginning here so the landscape is still predominantly stark and bare for the moment, except for this concealed enchanted spot. Everything was so vividly bright green it dazzled my eyes with its simple beauty.

It truly was an enchanted moment, for the fog continued to swirl around me, seeping through the braches in wasps of smoke but encased in the protective embrace of oak trees, this miniature spot was somewhat sheltered from the brunt of the cold and dampness.

I crouched in this exquisite spot immersing myself in the captivating world of fairies, imagining the magical wee fairies fluttering about and frolicking in this secluded spot, unaffected by the gloom outside. The fog outside seemed to mute all sound leaving me with an unearthly feeling as if I was peaking into the veil of another realm. Quietly I sat, admiring God’s handiwork and the enchanted world that never amaze lurking beneath the doldrums of our ordinary lives.

This experience caused me to reflect on new resolutions as we begin our journey into 2008. I have the obligatory personal resolutions and our business, Enchanted Gardens, has too many goals and projects to even count but I realized that perhaps the fairies were prompting me to set and share some enchanted resolutions this year.

The true spirit of fairy gardens is to embrace your imagination, compassion, and inner child and depart from the normalcy of our busy lives to stop and daydream. Join me in the resolutions suggested by the fairies this year:

  • Take a moment every day to stop and daydream.
  • Open your mind and heart to the enchanted world that surrounds us.
  • No dream is too big to dream, hope and pursue
  • You’re never too old to play in the dirt or dance around your garden
  • No matter what your age, you’re never too old to believe in fairies!

These resolutions may sound whimsical and full of fancy but I intend to take the advice of the fairies this year. The thing I love best about New Years is that’s a time to start anew, the slate has been wiped freshly clean. The world is full of promise and the frustrations and mistakes of the old year have been left behind in the dust of another year passing.

I think starting over is especially potent for a gardener. My garden is paved over a hundred times with all the intentions I had of creating more intricate designs and perfectly pruned plants. A fairy garden is a forgiving place, the fairies are always waiting for you ready to embrace you with enchantment. It’s never too late to start anew and start dreaming of a magical fairy garden and the promises of a new year!

We thank you for joining us on our fairy gardening journey and hope that you’ll share some of your own enchanted inspirations with us. We’re excited about starting the year at Enchanted Gardens and hope you continue on our journey with us!

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