Sunday, January 13, 2008

Have an Enchanted Valentine's Day!

Enchanted Valentines Day GiftsWe hope everyone is looking forward to an enchanted Valentine's Day this year! Remember when Valentine's day was simply about the joy of collecting those perforated colorful miniature cards? Remember the simple delight of anticipating how many cartoon cards would be bestowed on you and what the next sugary conversation heart would say? Travel back to those whimsical days and enjoy an enchanted Valentine's Day this year.

We've compiled a few of our favorite gifts fo fit all of your enchanted valentine's day gift giving needs for any of your sweethearts and special little girls in your life.

Free Valentine's Day Printables

Pictured above: Free Printable Valentine's Day Card

Fairies adore the whimsical joy that Valentine's Day celebrates. Spend a little time in your magical fairy garden and you'll find the fairies whispering whimsical words to you. You'll feel the urge to unleash your inner child and pick flowers to place in your hair and dream of the enchanted world of storybook romances and white knights rescuing damsels in distress.

We're throwing a fairy themed magical Valentine's Day this year full of fairytale inspired decor, gifts and games. It's sure to be a magical affair decorated unabashedly in pink filled with fairies and unicorns.

There's a long tradition of enchanted activities on Valentine's Day. Ancient traditions were full of enchanted magic to try and capture information on one's secret true love or who a young girl will one day marry.

Spend this Valentine's Day in your fairy garden dreaming about the warm exuberant promise of Spring! We wish you an enchanted Happy Valentine's Day this year!

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A note about ordering for Valentine's Day - Be sure to allow adequate time for your Valentine's Day gifts to arrive, check our website for ordering deadlines or contact us to ensure Valentine's Day delivery.

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