Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What is an Enchanted Garden?

Enchanted Yeti Garden
When people discover the business we run (Enchanted Gardens) the natural question is to ask what on earth is an enchanted garden?

Reflecting on the word enchantment, I discovered a definition I enjoyed in the Webster Online Dictionary: "Enchanted - to attract and move deeply: rouse to ecstatic admiration."

That's an excellent description of the purpose of an enchanted garden, to arouse the imagination and invigorate your sense of creativity. Enchanted gardens embrace anything out of the ordinary, a magical touch of enchantment.
An enchanted garden can be anything you desire, range in any size, and be in any location around the world. The only requirement is a healthy dose of imagination!

Our personal enchanted gardens incorporate everything from fairies to the yeti pictured in the photograph above, I hope to inspire you to create a unique enchanted garden of your very own! Our bigfoot garden sculpture is the newest addition to our enchanted gardens, a magical Christmas present. We love catching people off guard when they catch a glimpse of this incredibly realistic magical monster lurking behind the oak trees.

The biggest portion of our enchanted gardens is of course devoted to our miniature fairy gardens. We have an entire village of fairy houses and miniature fairy figurines creating a magical miniature world for the fae to dance in.

Our enchanted gardens aren't limited to the fairies though! Our enchanted gardens feature an entire miniature gnome village. We've collected bizarre and ugly gnome figurines for as long as I can remember. While our newest miniature gnome figurines are quite adorable, we have some bizarre gnomes lurking about the garden.

Our enchanted gardens also include an extensive miniature animal themed garden! Miniature hedgehogs, squirrels and other magical miniature animals create an adorable scene straight from a classic Beatrix story or Susan Wheeler portrait. It's a whimsical salute to our woodland creatures who visit (and wreak havoc on) our miniature gardens.

We also have a section of our enchanted gardens devoted to pixies, elves and more grotesque woodland creatures. We place these more grotesque figurines among our mossy miniature waterfalls to create an eerie but absolutely mesmerizing miniature garden! Enchanted gardens don't have to be limited to carefully tended plots and carefully constructed plants. Take full advantage of your natural trees, rocks, stumps to create everything from an enchanted succulent desert scene to a mossy woodland display!

Currently, we're working on developing our fairytale storybook garden to capture the pure essence of the fairytales you read when you're a child. We'll be sure to share our photos with you and we're anxiously awaiting for a moment of sunny weather so we can resume working on all of our enchanted gardens!

We love dreaming about new ideas of our enchanted gardens and bringing them to fruition. It's like traveling back in time and indulging in a few moments of whimsical play when you plan and create your enchanted gardens. Of course I think it's healthy to let your inner child out to play as often as possible! It's also a great way to bond with children and grandchildren, and to teach them the ins and outs of gardening while your playing outside with your miniatures.

We hope to inspire you to create an enchanted garden of any size, whether it's a tiny flower pot scene or a sprawling full sized garden! We're always looking for new ideas and products to incorporate into our gardens, share your story with us today!

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