Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fairy Garden Project

The winter storms have washed away part of our miniature fairy garden display so we decided to take full advantage of the saturated soil and create a new fanciful fairy garden scene complete with miniature pond and fountains.

I thought it would be interesting to share our new project with you so you can see how it's progressed from it's original conception to finished beauty! Pictured below is the bare bones of our new fairy garden project, it's not very pretty but you get an idea of the burgeoning infrastructure.

Miniature Fairy Garden ProjectWe sunk a natural shaped ordinary pond liner that can be purchased at any hardware store into the ground. This will be the focal point of our new miniature garden and we'll cover the edges with natural stones and smooth river rock. On the right of the pond you can see our stacked granite with fountain pump fully exposed. We've secured the rocks together, drilled a hole for the fountain and sealed to ensure there won't be any messy leaks! The goal is for the fountain to be a gentle cascading flow of water, capturing the essence of a babbling brook as opposed to a noisy fountain.

The gentle trickle of water is the perfect environment for moss to grow so we've already applied a naturally mossy mixture to the rock's surface that will transform these ordinary sheets of granite into a lush green fairy paradise!

In the left hand corner you can see an old gnarled stump we've moved into the fairy garden scene that will be filled with magical wee fairies and perhaps even a miniature fairy door. The center will feature a miniature fairy house surrounded by our miniature faux bonsai trees. When the sunlight catches the display, the fairy house and miniature trees are reflected in the glossy surface of our miniature pond. I'm thinking we might even plant a water lily in the pond, couldn't you just imagine one of our baby fairies floating along on a lily pad?

It's not very attractive display yet because of course it needs some plants! I can just imagine this miniature scene filled with lush green miniature ground cover and vibrant flowers. It definitely needs a hint of color and I can't wait to see how this magical little space is transformed!

Directly behind the fountain will be a surprise we can't wait to reveal!! The idea came to us as we were constructing the miniature garden and we realized there weren't any products out there that we could use to fulfill our idea so of course we created our own! All of our miniature fairy garden products have been created for our own miniature gardens and then we share our wares with you. I guess necessity truly is the mother of invention!

Now you've seen the ugly side of this miniature garden display we can't wait for a little warmer weather to actually finish it. I'll post more photos and stories as it develops!

On a business note, we're preparing our February mailing list option and working away on all of our new products. Come visit our new products page for a chance to view all of our new miniatures and recently restocked items. Happy fairy gardening everyone!

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  1. What size pond liner did you install? Can you give me more information regarding the water pump.
    Thank you

  2. Omg-this is so cool! this isnt only for old people. i want one!

  3. Fairy gardens are for the young at heart. This garden is cute would love to see the finished project.

  4. Could you please post a current picture? Would love to see it!!

  5. I have created a fairy garden recently with three resin houses and some doors and windows that are at the base of a large oak tree. I've been given some mini plants from a friend that I hope will spread soon. My granddaughter is coming this summer from Ca. for a month and she is soooo into fairies. It is for her. But now I'm finding I like it too. I lined the pathways with colored glass pebbles. Today I found a small concrete toadstool to add. Any other ideas others have found helpful. I may look for some special gems like: purple quartz or peacock stone. I'd add a photo if I knew how on this site. Trish

  6. I am just starting this with my grand daughter and we are so excited.

  7. i have been looking for a new hobby. I enjoy my gardens and as a little girl I played for hours with my doll house. Now I get to do both. I get to use my imagination.


  8. does anyone know where I might find a waterfall pump for a fairy garden waterfall?

  9. well, if you haven't found a pump can always try yard sales. we have found many. I just never thought of using it in my fairy garden....duh! I need to do alot of changes. I did start a mini fairy garden in a wheelbarrow. not finished yet. Loads of fun! my grandchildren enjoy it.

  10. aquarium pumps work well and come in may sizes.

  11. May I ask how big the pond liner is... It's hard to tell by the picture... Could we see some updated pictures... so far it looks really great...