Saturday, February 16, 2008

Green Fairy Gardening

Miniature Fairy Garden SceneIf there's one thing I love about fairy gardening, it's the opportunity to meet so many interesting and wonderful people. I recently met a fabulous woman who creates her miniature garden completely out of recycled products - everything from aluminum soda pop cans to soldered scrap metal. She really put the green into miniature gardening!

As we discussed our respective miniature gardening practices in depth, she was surprised to learn how many recycled materials we incorporate into our own miniature fairy garden projects here at Enchanted Gardens.

Among our family and friends we're infamous for reclaiming discarded scraps of wood and other miscellaneous materials to create new fairy garden products. That's how creativity happens at Enchanted Gardens... One of us will be staring at a strange shaped container or interesting scrap and that will spark a thought of some brand new fairy garden product for our gardens. Anything that we create and feel others would enjoy (and that we can reproduce of course) we move into production for our website. It is truly amazing the hidden potential in any ordinary object, it's just waiting for a touch of creativity to unlock it!

As many of you know, our miniature garden cottages, buildings, and fairy houses are individually handcrafted from concrete. During the creation process ,we handcraft our exclusive molds from recycled materials and then cast cement into our unique molds. We've used everything from bleach containers to toilet paper rolls in one project or another. As soon as an idea sparks my imagination I must act on it immediately, before it disappears into my subconscious, and grab any materials I have on hand

We've also recycled broken flower pots, vases and dishes into mosaic/concrete projects. I've never mastered the art of mosaic but I enjoy creating unusual additions to my miniature fairy garden with extra cement and brilliant shards of pottery. Perhaps mosaic is a venue I can explore for the future.

I would love to incorporate more recycled materials into my miniature fairy gardens and would welcome any ideas you have! I'd love to hear how you incorporate recycled or reclaimed materials into your gardens. With St. Patrick's Day on the horizon I decided that this year I could find a way to show my green spirit naturally and work on developing my gardens. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to create something spectacular, or a conversation piece at least. We'll see where my recycled muse leads me.

Enchanted Gardens,

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