Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meet the Staff of Enchanted Gardens

Hello everyone!! We've been neglecting our blog to pay some much needed attention to our own outdoor gardens. The harsh winter weather storms have wreaked havoc on our miniature gardens and we're scrambling to get our gardens ready for spring. Our miniature ground cover is not accustomed to sustained freezing temperatures and looks quite the worse for wear! We've also been busy planting our spring vegetable gardens and I can't wait for our new organic gardens to spring forth all of their delicious bounty.

I was recently asked how I got started in our business of Enchanted Gardens. When I paused to reflect on the question, I realized that the business of fairy and miniature gardening chose me not the other way around.

I think many people cherish precious memories about playing with small miniatures, dolls, and in our case fairies and gnomes, when they were children. We lose those instincts in adult life but I guess those past memories are never truly lost. A joint love of the outdoors, miniatures, fairies, gardening created our company, a family based Internet operation.

Handcrafted Miniature Garden OrnamentPictured above - Original handcrafted garden ornament for a meditation garden.

Our founder, Doris, has pursued her artistic passions over the years dabbling successfully in many mixed media. When she couldn't find what she was looking for to decorate her extraordinary gardens, she created in herself. Doris began to create full scale concrete bird baths, bird feeders, and garden sculptures and ornaments.

One day we decided to expand our fairytale, castle and fairy gardens. We were instantly frustrated by the lack of adequate materials to add on to our gardens. We love the detailed commercial large fairy houses that are available but we wanted something in both smaller scale and more affordable. We placed a few lovely resin decorative pieces in our garden that rapidly exploded in our dry California heat. Our exploded gnome figurine was quite a horrific sight to behold!

Doris put her thinking cap on and applied her skills at concrete art to our fairy gardening projects. We were so pleased with the results and received such positive feedback we decided to offer our fairy houses, miniature cottages, and buildings on the Internet. Now we just needed some miniatures and furniture so we went to work creating our own unique handcrafted miniature accessories along with bringing you our favorite unique miniatures, furniture, and figurines available in the marketplace.

Handcrafted Outdoor Fairy HousePictured above - Fairy Manor - $68.95

Then there's me (Caren) and I didn't need much persuasion to jump into the new family business and devote myself to fairy gardening. An unexpected illness provided me with the opportunity to explore the world of websites and Internet design. I design and maintain our website, a constant learning process as you can see in the evolution of our website. As a side note, I can't tell you how much your kind comments and encouragement mean to me, thank you!

Joining the Enchanted Gardens team is Doris' husband Mike, who now creates concrete fairy doors. Mike's brother Lee provides us with the fine handcrafted wood crafts you find on her website. Other talented artists and friends also grace our Enchanted Gardens family contributing their fine craftsmanship whenever possible. There's nothing like a fairy garden to bring everyone together!! Fairy gardens naturally inspire creativity, it's downright contagious!

Now you know our story, we'd love to hear yours. How did you get started fairy gardening?


Caren at Enchanted Gardens
Create the enchanted miniature garden of your dreams!
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