Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow Covered Fairy Gardens.

Winter Fairy GardensWinter tales from Enchanted Gardens - http://www.miniature-gardens.com

We don't usually have to worry about snow too much here at Enchanted Gardens but this year has definitely proved to be the exception! Our fairy gardens are completely obscured by a thick layer of snow. I can't help but wonder what the poor little fairies do in the snow? I imagine the wee enchanted fairies slumbering peacefully away in their fairy houses, enchanted nooks, or sheltered trees hibernating through the frigid days of winter dreaming about spring.

While I can't help but admire the serene beauty of the snow I long for the sight of my sprawling miniature fairy garden. I must admit that I'm not entirely sure I want to unearth whatever destruction lies beneath the pristine layer of snow. I am, however, pleased to announce that all of our handcrafted concrete fairy houses (and concrete fairy doors) have prevailed against the elements! We always recommend removing your miniature garden buildings during extreme cold/snow but this sudden winter storm caught us unaware, leaving a few of our fairy houses and cottages stranded outside in our enchanted fair gardens. I'm excited to report that the houses are none the worse for ware despite being exposed to a week of constant snow, hail and sleet. I only wish the phone and power lines were as resilient!

We are sad to report that one of our gnomes mysteriously lost a leg, perhaps to frostbite? We were unable to retrieve the lost limb for reattachment so we're left imagining creative solutions for a replacement. Have you ever seen a gnome with a wooden peg leg? He might just be the first!

It was a painful reminder to be vigilant in maintaining your fairy gardens and to make sure any exposed fragile miniatures are safely protected from the brunt of the storm. My first inspection seems to promise that only a patch of miniature groundcover and plants have been damaged by the ice so I'll be sure to have plenty of replacement for plantation when the weather finally clears.

No matter how many times I wake to the sight of snow, I am always filled with a fleeting sense of giddiness and the urge to run out and scoop up the snow, create a snowman and to catch a falling snowflake on my tongue. This carefree playful attitude is surely fostered by the fairies as they'll grab any excuse to joyfully romp around your gardens and play.

As I investigated the new snowy landscape the sun managed to reveal itself for a few precious moments casting a glittering array of rainbows on the glistening ice. Perhaps that was a flurry of fairies escaping from their snowy beds to create miniature snow angels (or should we call them snow fairies?) in the fairy gardens.

I was almost convinced that the fairies had completely left our fairy garden perhaps prepared only to return in spring until I caught a glimpse of their feathered companions. Directly before the storm I called everyone out to view an enormous flock of robins. Hundreds of robins swirled around the air landing on three tall pine pine trees producing a deafening chatter. I had never witnessed so many robins before in my lifetime!! I don't know much about the birds but I don't think they normally congregate in large numbers so I'm left a little puzzled as to their sudden appearance. After doing a bit of research I discovered that robins are often representations of regrowth and change so perhaps their startling appearance was to reassure both myself and fairies that spring is somewhere lurking around the corner.

We've also experienced a winter renaissance of hummingbirds, sure signs that there are still winter fairies hiding somewhere in the gardens!

Do you have any winter fairy sightings, or winter fairy gardening tips or stories? I'd love to hear them!

On a business note, or new workshop is making great progress!! I'm sure the new fairy approved work area will foster great creativity and productivity as we move forward into spring.

We're also working hard away at our newest Irish cottages (the Irish Cottage Dollhouse was a great success). We're desperately searching for the perfect sized thatch roof and will bring you our new Irish fairy cottages as soon as they pass strict fairy and gnome inspection.

We've also moved our new product announcements on our site at http://www.miniature-gardens.com/new-products.html We hope you enjoy the page as it continues to grow. After returning from a fabulous miniature show we have many new products to add.

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