Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Fairy Garden

Happy Easter from Enchanted Gardens!

Easter Fairy Garden

We wish you an enchanted Easter weekend and hope you enjoy a touch of spring weather!! In speaking to many of you the past couple of weeks, I know many are planning to give fairy themed Easter baskets this Sunday. What a magical Easter idea! I never thought of creating a fairy themed Easter basket but it sounds like a wonderful idea. I'd love to hear how your little ones react to their fairy baskets.

We received a great response to our miniature Easter garden scene we created last Easter so we plan to recreate it once again, this time for an Easter centerpiece. Pictured above is our miniature handcrafted miniature garden church with a family of miniature rabbits dressed in their Sunday finery.

The miniature rabbits are actually old toys known as the Sylvanian family. I thought these magical little dolls had vanished but to my delight they seem to be coming back. I've always loved these miniature critters.

I love the idea of Easter egg hunts, there's nothing more enchanting than searching for treasure in your own gardens. If you hide any Easter eggs in your fairy gardens don't be surprised if the mischevious fairies hide your eggs from you!

Our entire staff of Enchanted Gardens wishes you a Happy Easter holiday weekend and a magical start to spring.

Caren @ Enchanted Gardens

Stay tuned to our blog to view our latest fairy garden projects!

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  1. This is adorable and so fun. I love the flowers. I can't wait for spring!