Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fairy Cake

In search of a fairy cakeA certain staff member (I'm not revealing any names to keep this a surprise) is celebrating an upcoming birthday at Enchanted Gardens and the thought occurred to me to make a fairy themed cake.

I'm not much of a pastry baker let alone a cake decorator so I did what any good modern cook would do - scrambled to perform a quick google search. The search term "fairy cake" does provide some strange results but what a treasure trove of cakes I discovered.

Being a steadfast believer in fairies I knew of the ancient traditions of leaving small cakes and pastries as offerings to the fairies but I had no idea the term fairy cake is an actual term used in Europe to describe cupcakes. Fairy cakes is a far more whimsical and endearing term than the literal cupcake, I'm going to start using it at once!

Now the examples of fairy cakes below are far beyond anything I could ever hope to achieve, I can't imagine trying to sculpt frosting into castle towers. Well I can imagine it but I'm sure it would look like an apocalyptic fairy wasteland. Comical but probably not ideal for a birthday presentation.

For inspiration check out this great blog post with beautiful cakes:

And now for a few pictures:

A pink castle confection:

All I can say is WOW!! A true fairytale if there ever was one: ttp://

A whole collection of fairy cakes, the fairy door cake is right up my alley:

And finally a fairytale dream wedding cake site:

I could spend all day looking at these spectacular cakes but I'm trying to avoid the urge to indulge in a massive sugar binge so I better stop. Crafting edible enchanted miniature decorations is definitely out of the picture for my limited skill level but I do want to create a magical fairy garden cake. I'm confident I can create a centerpiece out of one of our fairy figurines and decorate a miniature garden scene with a collection of sprinkles and edible flowers but I still need to come up with a few creative ideas to finish it off.

I would love any of your suggestions, ideas, or advice! I'm more comfortable sculpting clay than baking dough so I would love to hear your suggestions. For better or worse, I'll post the finished project in early April so you can all laugh at or admire my confectionery creation. After all you can't really go wrong when it comes to chocolate right?


Caren at Enchanted Gardens
By shear coincidence this post coincides with us ordering a new collection of handcrafted fairy cakes we fell in love with at a miniature show to add to the site so you'll have to check back to see these adorable cakes in miniature!

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