Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fairy Garden Pond Project - Take 2

Hello Everyone!

Our miniature fairy garden and miniature pond project is coming along and I'm quite happy with the progress so far. To check out the before pictures check out our post here It's a long way from complete, but here's what progress we've made so far.

Miniature Fiary Garden Pond Project
We finished construction on the pond, we still need to camoflage the lip of the pond with more moss and rocks. We have moss, miniature plants and ferns planted and we're slowly adding miniature fairy garden buildings, paths, and accessories. Soon our miniature fairy garden pond will be quite magical. We've already attracted the attention of one very nosy squirrel that likes to sit on top of our miniature cottage below and chatter at anyone who passes by. Perhaps he's a protector of the fairies?

Here's a more detailed view of our miniature fairy garden pond. You can see that this side of the pond is more developed. We have a handcrafted concrete miniature garden cottage and faux miniature bonsai tree and our plants are really starting to flourish.

I'll post more pictures of our fairy garden project soon, we've already begun construction on the opposite sides of the miniature pond. In the background we have a miniature mossy mountain we hope to transform into a miniature gnome themed railroad section. We've already strated construction on our magical castle garden section and it looks promising so far. Everybody's been hard at work, except one of our senior staff members that I caught napping below.

I'd love to hear your feedback. This miniature fairy garden scene is happening organically we don't have any official plans and it sure has been a blast seeing how it develops. I'd love to hear your ideas for our miniature fairy garden pond project. Hope spring weather is headed your way!

Caren @ Enchanted Gardens


  1. Wow your fairy garden is so amazing. How miniture is it? Reminds me of those miniture Chinese trees with little Monks and Pegoda towers underneath the tree and on the rocks.

  2. where did you get the pond?