Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Herbal Fairy Garden

Herbal Fairy GardensSpring has sprung here at Enchanted Gardens! We can't wait to start repairing our miniature fairy gardens and have so many projects in store it's overwhelming. The first thing to rejuvenate with a wisp of spring air was our herbal fairy gardens.

Pictured above you'll see a blend of miniature thyme and brilliant green wild chives have overtaken our fairy gardens. I personally enjoy the wild untamed appearance of this section of our fairy garden It just goes to show that you can incorporate any type of plant into your enchanted fairy gardens!

While the wild chives provide long grass as opposed to the miniature creeping thyme and other miniature herbs but I think it works well for a fairy garden base. The mixture of thyme and chives you see above emit a sweet and fresh fragrance and will boast delicate blossoms later in Spring. The fairies seem to be enjoying their herbal garden and I guess they're the ultimate judge.

I'm interested in expanding our fairy herbal garden and would love to hear your ideas and suggestions, drop me a line! I'll be posting more of our miniature fairy garden projects tomorrow and I hope you enjoy watching our miniature fairy gardens develop this Spring.

Website Note: We've just completed new miniature handcrafted mushrooms that we plan to unveil on the website so stay tuned!

Caren @ Enchanted Gardens

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