Saturday, March 8, 2008

Link Recommendation - Enchanted Manor

Enchanted Fairy Garden
My favorite thing about operating our fairy garden website is how many wonderful people I get a chance to meet and all of the wonderful resources we are introduced to.

Yesterday was no exception and I wanted to share this terrific link with you:

It's an elegant (and quite enchanted) luxury bed and breakfast located overseas in the Isle of Wight. Their website is also a treat to visit, full of fairy fantasy artwork and enchanted flash surprises.

I can't even begin to imagine what a magnificent fairy garden and enchanted woodland scene they will be able to create in their enchanted location. Ahhh, it makes me long for lush green scenery and dense woodlands but I certainly don't want all the rain that comes with that beautiful scenery.

I hope you all enjoy browsing the link. We always welcome your comments!


Caren @ Enchanted Gardens

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