Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mischevious Fairies

Miniature BricksBeware! Those miniature fairies are tricksters! Just when we thought spring was arriving to our area winter reared her ugly head and unleashed a last minute storm. Since I couldn't work on our fairy gardens, I retreated to the confines of our workshop to finalize some details on an order and apparently the fairies followed suit.

We offer two varieties of miniature bricks (pictured above) to create miniature pathways and miniature construction projects. We treat the bricks to preserve their color and tuck them safely away in a large mason type jar high on a shelf in our workshop. They're far out of reach of my clumsy hands that way!

I was peacefully working away on miniature mushrooms at a small table nearby unconnected to any of the shelves when I was suddenly assaulted by the fairies. Out of thin air hundreds, thousands of miniature bricks came pelting down at me. Now these tiny miniature bricks surely couldn't do much damage but I sustained a few direct hits directly to the eye. I can just imagine the little fairies laughing madly away before they zoomed out the door to share their latest calamity with all the other wee garden folk.

It was quite a task to pick up all those miniature bricks with watering eyes! Perhaps the fairies were trying to tell me it was time to take a break from work? I'm sure you're thinking there is a logical explanation to the bricks tumbling down, and perhaps there is, but nothing else was disturbed on the shelf. I'm convinced it was a group of mischievous fairies!

Have the fairies played any tricks on you lately? I'd love to hear about it, it's a perfect an amusing distraction to think about. With April fools just around the corner I'm sure the fairies have plenty in store for everyone so watch out!


Caren @ Enchanted Gardens

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