Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Catching up!

Hello everyone! I've missed posting in our fairy gardening blog but it sure has been a whirlwind of activities around here lately. I haven't had much time to work on personal projects but thought I would share this one, especially for those that love to create your own fairy houses.

Miniature Pine Cone Fairy CastlesWe're in the slow process of creating an Enchanted Forest as part of our fairy garden. We certainly don't have a shortage of trees and gnarled stumps around here! We thought it might be fun to create a more natural section of our fairy gardens. As I'm sure you know, we love creating fairy houses and accessories that blend into their environments, we think it's so much more magical that way.

We created our handcrafted miniature concrete castles and instead of topping the roofs with moss we covered them with pine cone pieces. We love the magical nature inspired shingled result. If you're building fairy houses and structures, it's a great idea for an original roof covering.

We used Bull Pine cones that litter our yard but any ordinary pine cone will do. Our pine cones are painfully sharp so be careful. I still have a scar on the bottom of my foot when I stepped onto one in a river barefoot as a child so be careful if you're working with sharp pine cones! We used a dab of gorilla glue to affix the pine cone shingles and they're finished.

I'd also like to thank everyone that's taken the time to comment and send emails regarding our blog. You guys are a daily inspiration, thank you!

Business Tidings at Enchanted Gardens:

We've been busily working away at Enchanted Gardens to fill all of the spring fairy gardening orders. Thank you for your continued patronage and support!

After a long meeting (with much input from the fairies) we've decided to make some structural changes at Enchanted Gardens to enhance and stream line production. We're going to be moving our handcrafted miniature garden buildings into limited and one of a kind editions. There are so many beautiful cottages we have in planning stages or simply floating around our heads that we'd love to create, but due to their handcrafted nature, we would be unable to duplicate.

You'll see our popular cottages, castles, and buildings remain in production with a few exciting changes, I can't wait to reveal the new roof structures! We'll then provide detailed limited edition and one of a kind magical miniature fairy dwellings with signed certificates of authenticity and new packaging changes.

We're also going to introduce a magical line of resin and wood miniature buildings. I have dreams of becoming the ultimate one stop shop for fairy garden buildings and supplies. If you'd liked to join us, send us an email!

I apologize for being a little long winded today, I can't wait to share all of our exciting developments with you!

Caren @ Enchanted Gardens


  1. Love your blog and love the wonderful items in your store. I am creating a fairy garden too and will write about the process on my blog.

  2. Thank you ginger, what a magical blog you have. I look forward to reading about how your fairy garden develops!