Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome Aboard!

It's hard to believe it's almost summer! Our recent heat wave in the high 90's sure drove that point home quite nicely though. Right now I'm just making sure our fairy gardens are staying adequately hydrated and so far they seem to be transitioning to the hot summer weather better than I am.

We're always snapping photographs in our miniature fairy gardens, whether we're photographing new products or recording the magical scenery. Perhaps we caught an image of a fairy the little fae didn't want us to see because our beloved digital camera suddenly crashed. Out of the blue the camera refuses to take pictures, transfer photos or conjure the LCD screen. It's definitely bizarre! Anyone good at fixing digital cameras? :>)

We're still working hard away at Enchanted Gardens but wanted to add a quick post that were thrilled to offer a selection of magical detailed miniature buildings by a new artist. These miniature buildings are created on a slightly larger scale than many of our miniature buildings and would create the perfect focal point to any miniature garden. Each miniature building is handcrafted featuring such stunning scale and detail. We'd love for you to come stop by and view these magical new buildings.

Miniature Grist Mill:

Handcrafted Miniature Grist MillThis detailed miniature Grist Mill looks like it would actually work and is perfect for your rustic outdoor and medieval miniature gardens.

Miniature Country Cabin

Miniature Country CabinThis miniature country cabin is the perfect rustic abode for your country gnomes and critters. This adorable handcrafted wood and stone house features a front porch and door that actually opens and swings shut.

We're sure our new artist will continue to bring this stunning detailed craftsmanship to Enchanted Gardens. We're excited to share it with you!

I hope to be able to start working on some new fairy garden products shortly. I think it's time to start working on some indoor fairy garden containers and I'll be sure to share them all with you. Happy fairy gardening everyone!


Caren @ Enchanted Gardens -


  1. I love this hose you made, i can just see the fairies living happily i love anything to do with fairies..

  2. I love this, my husband is in the process of making me a fairyhouse for my garden. My daughter (she's 7) and I are going to put fairy necklaces that we've made into the house and hopefully the fairies will fill them with fairy dust. I can't wait. If anyone is interest I just put a picture up on my website of the necklaces that we made.They're at