Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Squirrel Invasion

Enchanted Squirrel Garden
I thought squirrels were supposed to frolic alongside the fairies not destroy their homes! An ever growing troupe of ground squirrels is rapidly destroying our garden. We are always adding unusual items to our garden and added this large squirrel to our driveway display. We placed a huge squirrel sculpture (pictured above) on pine tree stump surrounded by large pine cones.

We unwittingly created a squirrel Mecca!! The squirrels created an architectural sprawling squirrel den behind the squirrel garden ornament and now we're overrun with ground squirrels. Whenever you walk by our squirrel display the little ground squirrels and chatter at you it sounds like an army of small piercing car alarms!

The squirrel's den is really quite astounding, they seem to be moving fallen branches around to make miniature fencing. You can just catch a glimpse of their den behind the squirrel statue below. While its entertaining to watch the ground squirrels scurry about, they're destroying our fairy gardens and eating pounds of birdseed. The joys of gardening I suppose!

Garden Squirrel Invasion

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