Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fairy Garden Meditation Shed

Hello everyone!! It's been difficult working on garden projects now that the summer heat is here! We did have a touch of more moderate weather that allowed us to work on our new shed that's along the path of our fairy garden.

We recently upgraded to a larger shed and decided to turn our smaller older shed into a meditation spot to relax and admire our miniature gardens and the family of squirrels that live nearby. The inside of the shed was horribly tarnished so it needs quite a bit of work and restoration. We thought it would be fun to share the progress so far.

Here's a before picture of the shed...

Meditation Shed Before Photo
Our first project is to create a custom concrete front patio portion so we set to work creating unique one of a kind stepping stones to decorate our walkway. We're going to connect our handcrafted concrete stepping stones together like a mosaic filling in the gaps with gravel and decorative stone. Here's a few of our stepping stones in progress.

Concrete Stepping Stone with DragonflyHandcrafted Concrete Stepping Stone
Next we had to do something about the drab unfinished wood interior walls. We covered the walls with bamboo panels creating a light atmosphere.

Meditation Shed Bamboo WallsWe covered the roof in scalloped rolls of this gorgeous fabric that catches the light of the sun.

Meditation Shed RoofWe still have a long way to go but it's shaping up to be quite a magical little garden space. We can't wait until it's finished so we can enjoy relaxing in our new little meditation shed overlooking our fairy gardens. I'll post more pictures as our project progresses. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I'd love to see any of your summer fairy gardening projects, send them my way!

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