Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tiny Fairy Gardens

Tiny Fairy GardensSummer is always a challenging season to fairy garden but this year has been extraordinarily difficult. On top of our normal heat, we've been covered in smoke from a series of wildfires virtually all summer. The combination of smoke and heat has not left me very motivated to work outside and my fairy gardens have certainly suffered as a consequence.

I went to work brainstorming and I came up with the idea that I would start creating everything even smaller than I normally do. I wanted to create a series of fairy houses, fairy doors and miniature accessories that would fit into tiny garden containers. I also wanted a tiny line of fairy garden accessories to fit into the hollows of trees and stumps to have secret enchanted worlds where you least expect it.

I began by hand sculpting a large variety of items from tiny houses, fairy doors, bird baths, bridges, wells, and miniature accessories and then cast them in resin. I played around with a variety of mixtures and found a fantastic resin blend that is incredibly durable and perfect for outdoor gardens. I've been having a lot of fun creating this new line (Wee Wishes ™) and can't wait to share all these tiny minis and scenes with you.

Here's to creating itsy bitsy tiny fairy gardens!! Anyone else create fairy gardens on a tiny scale? I'd love to hear your ideas, this is becoming quite addictive!!

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