Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Mushroom Miniature Gnome Garden

Mushroom Gnome GardenWe started creating a miniature gnome mushroom scene along our front walkway that we wanted to share with you! Our goal is to create a variety of enchanted miniature vignettes along the way to our miniature fairy garden pond. It just goes to show that you can have enchanted miniature scenes wherever you go in any type of terrain.

Our miniature gnome mushroom garden starts with our large garden mushroom that was created by a local artist from burned pvc material.

Our miniature gnome garden features our handcrafted concrete mushroom houses, miniature fencing, pathways of enchanted stones and our miniature gnome figurines nestled on a bed of natural green moss.

Our little gnome mushroom garden is still a work in progress but it's fun to have enchanted miniature gardens where you least expect it!

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