Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Echinacea Summer Blooms

Fairy Garden Echinacea

Click photo to enlarge - Echinacea from our fairy garden.

With most of our garden brown and withered during the hot summer months this lovely Echinacea is a refreshing sight in our summer gardens.

Planting herbs is a perfect way to attract fairies into your garden. Before modern medicine herbs were an essential element of any garden. Gardeners would leave out sparkling little trinkets in their herb gardens in hopes that the fairies would protect their sought after herbs.

The birds love the echinacea as much as the fairies do, they go crazy when the coneflowers give away their tiny seeds. Who knew echinacea was a highly coveted bird gourmet cuisine?

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  1. I did not know this...very-very interesting. And a lovely Cone flower as well...
    GartenGrl at Planning Plants to Plant