Thursday, August 27, 2009

Peacock Visitor

We often have many visitors at Enchanted Gardens, but this handsome guy caught everyone off guard. I was just about to sit down for breakfast when I saw this Peacock staring into our sliding glass door (obviously admiring himself). He was very friendly, so we knew he was someones pet. He would follow us around while we worked, and didn't seem afraid at all. We gave him food and water and he stayed for a few days. Many of the homes around us are on large parcels, and it turned out his home was just a few miles down the road. I admit, I did enjoy having him around while we worked in our miniature gardens!


  1. What a very elegant visitor indeed! We live about a mile from one of the largest privately owned zoo's in the southeast, Hollywild (many of their animals have been featured in national TV ad campaigns and a few movies). We never get peacock visitors but last year an African buck antelope and some domesticated does were loose and bedded down or grazing on a parcel of land a few addresses up the road. A few of their chimps and apes have escaped before and wreaked some havoc and just now, a little deer has been out and I've seen it various places around. The bad thing is that like your peacock, it is tame and so not afraid of cars. I fear it will get hit but maybe it will find its way back in. They have so many deer, it is usually fruitless to call and report it. They tell you they are watching for it and there is an area it can re-enter. ??


  2. Thanks Kim and Jody!

    I have lived in this community over 25 years, and just before we moved up, they closed a small zoo called 'Safari World.' Many of the old paddocks are still standing. I was told some of these animals escaped as well and wandered about the neighborhood. I have to admit, the peacock was a shock, but I think I would panic if a chimp or ape was peering in at me!