Friday, September 18, 2009

Finch Family

I always like to sit out back early in the morning, watching all the birds in our gardens. We have an abundance of yellow finches that like to feed on a thistle sock feeder I have hung up on a nearby tree. Yesterday, I heard a small thud and one of the finches had accidentally flew into our window! He was stunned and dazed for a few moments, and I watched as he starting hopping out towards were the feeder was hung. He was too dazed to fly, so I walked close by him to make sure he was OK. He stopped next our rosemary bushes, and at that moment about half a dozen other finches landed around him, as if to protect him! I was only a few feet away from him as the finches landed close by, and I slowly backed away. The dazed finch finally came out of his funk, and all of them flew away at the same time. I know my finch friend will be OK, as the rest of his family will see to that!

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  1. That happens to us once in awhile too-and our window is not near the feeders. I have even tried those stickers that are supposed to catch the sun and make the bird realize they can't fly through. Breaks my heart every time. I am glad your finch friend was ok- how interesting that his family protected him. A very sweet story :)