Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Fairy Gardens Snapshots

Fall Fairy Garden

Fall is my absolute favorite season and I'm thrilled to be enjoying a little slice of fall weather in our enchanted gardens.

Here in CA we often hurtle straight into winter so it's always fantastic when we get a to enjoy a little bit of delightful fall weather.

I thought I'd share a few snapshots from our fall fairy gardens this year. Hope everyone is enjoying a little cool fall weather of their own!

This little burning bush is turning a brilliant red shade:

Burning Bush in Fairy Garden

The fall mums look quite cheery:

Fairy Garden Mum

Liquid Amber beautiful fall leaf detail:

Liquid Amber Fall Fairy Garden


  1. Beautiful photos! Here in minnesota we had an early snow, which has kind of messed up our fall colors I think. Today is gray and raining and cold, so your pics are a welcome sight.♥

  2. Thanks so much Kim! Last year we only had about one day of fall so (knock on wood) this year seems to be making up for it. Hope the weather turns for you!!