Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monarch Fairy Garden Visitors

Monarch Fairy Garden

Our fairy gardens were alive with visitors today! A gorgeous assortment of Monarch Butterflies and little Painted Ladies fluttered about the aptly named Butterfly Bush in our miniature fairy gardens.

It's been a delight to watch these colorful little butterflies flutter through our fairy garden as they move south for the winter. I imagine their presence is a signal that cool fall weather is on the horizon.

Fairies love butterflies even more than we do and planting butterfly friendly plants is a a sure way to attract fairies into your gardens.


  1. so beautiful! I won't be seeing any monarchs in my garden for quite awhile now :( I do like the chance to do different projects for the winter though. Have a wonderful week!!!

  2. Thanks Kim! I was surprised to see the butterflies so late in the season but they were certainly a welcome sight. Hope you're having a great week too!!!