Monday, November 16, 2009

Overdue for a Catch Up.

Hello everyone! I apologize for being so quiet lately but rest assured we have been busy! We're working on a terrific holiday sale, our version of a Black Friday... Hmmm, maybe we should call it a green Friday?

The other half of Enchanted Gardens participated in a wonderful boutique in Fresno, CA over the weekend. Great fun and a pleasure to meet fellow local fairy gardeners.

We are now working overtime to bring you our spectacular new savings just in time for the holidays. We have dozens of one of a kind handcrafted fairy houses going on super sale. Look for huge discounts on new limited edition miniatures, discontinued fairy figurines, garden decor, and more. It's going to be spectacular! The *official* sale will open on Black Friday but we hope to air a sneak peak this weekend.

We're also working on some exciting site updates. We have a brand new artwork and site makeover in the works for 2010. We love starting the new year off with some new fun!

We have tech support working on overhauling our gift certificates which will be back online shortly. Yay!

In progress, we also have a new feature that will allow you to shop our miniatures by scale. This has been requested by many customers and we're excited to roll out this new feature. We're also premiering handy little icons that will alert you to bulk discounts on items.

NEW ITEMS! The picture at the beginning of this post highlights our brand new Kitty's Cottage Fairy House. We're also introducing two new handcrafted miniature pathway materials: a lovely miniature brick pathway and tiny curved pathway.

We will also be adding a new little handcrafted cake and miniature topiary shortly. Some small fairies on the way.

I can't wait to catch up on all of my groups, gardening blogs and tweets. It's always a little crazy during the holiday shopping season but I hope everyone is enjoying an enchanted start to the season!

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  1. love the little kitty cottage and I look forward to seeing the new changes and the sneak peek :)