Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Holiday Season!

Finch in Snow

Can you believe Christmas is almost here??? I'm still having a difficult time comprehending that 2009 has almost come to an end..

We've been working away like crazy here at Enchanted Gardens. The fireplace is roaring, Christmas music is blasting and we're packing all your Christmas gifts like little elves. Remember, standard shipping deadlines are rapidly approaching so be sure to place your order in the next few days for guaranteed standard delivery.

I enjoyed the first snowstorm of the year. So fun to see the garden covered in a fresh blanket of snow. The poor little finches (pictured above) were definitely not excited to see the snow. I can't say I would be terribly excited about hanging on a finch sock eating seed in a winter gale either.

We're also busy working on 2010 with new shopping features, a new look and new product. You'll find new miniature gargoyles, fairies, castles, new handcrafted small fairy houses, unicorns, mushrooms and even a frog prince.

Wishing everyone a merry holiday season!

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