Friday, August 13, 2010

Introducing - Marco the Gnome

Feature - Fairy Garden Interviews

Miles our resident fairy garden fox is always the first to welcome the new residents to our miniature fairy garden. Since he's a wonderfully nosy critter we asked him to help everyone get to know our new visitors.

Tim the Fairy

Wishing a warm welcome to a new addition to our miniature fairy garden, Marco the Gnome.

Miles the Fox: "Greetings Marco, welcome to the fairy garden.  Tell, me how did you get your name?"

Marco the Gnome: "Thank you, I can't tell you how happy I am to have wandered into this remarkable garden.  I was named after the great traveler Marco Polo."

Miles the Fox: "Do you like to travel like your namesake?"

Marco the Gnome: "Oh absolutely!  I love roaming around both the human and enchanted worlds.  I've traveled all over the globe making new friends as I go.  As you can see from the photograph above I am always scanning the horizon searching for new destinations to explore."

Miles the Fox: "Well it's great to get to know a world class traveler.  Where was your last trip to?"

Marco the Gnome: "Well I just spent some time in an enchanted forest in Europe.  That was truly a treacherous trek as I had to navigate through some really dense forest growth and got into a spot of trouble with a group of trolls.  It was a fantastic voyage but I'm glad to enjoy some of this summer heat."

Miles the Fox: "That sounds exciting, where are you off to next?"

Marco the Gnome: "I plan to roam the grounds of Enchanted Gardens. I also can't wait to explore all the new homes and gardens of any Big Folk that may choose to adopt me.   I look forward to meeting everyone on my journey!"

Marco the Gnome is a 7" Tall resin gnome perched on a handy garden stake available for purchase at our site, Enchanted Gardens for $11.95

As always, a special thanks goes out to Miles the miniature fox for his in depth interviewing skills

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