Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Introducing - Tim the Fairy

Feature - Fairy Garden Interviews

Miles our resident fairy garden fox is always the first to welcome the new residents to our miniature fairy garden. Since he's a wonderfully nosy critter we asked him to help everyone get to know our new visitors.

Tim the Fairy

Wishing a warm welcome to a new addition to our miniature fairy garden, Tim the Fairy.

Miles the Fox: "Welcome Tim! Tell us a little bit about yourself..."

Tim the Fairy: "Thanks for the warm welcome! Well, the only important thing about me is that I'm a musician and I adore fairy music."

Miles the Fox: "Well you certainly seem a musical fellow. I see you are holding an instrument. What do you play? And what exactly is fairy music?"

Tim the Fairy: "I play a little fairy lute I fashioned from an enchanted tree branch. You can see me strumming it in the photo above, in fact I never put my lute down."

"Fairy music is the most enchanted form of music on earth. Only the fae understand its complex secrets. Fairy music sounds unique to each person as it takes the form of the listener's favorite music. You see, fairy music isn't the easiest thing to hear. Believers in magic may only hear a few notes or a snippet of a melody in the breeze. The purest of heart can follow these lyrical fragments until they unearth an entire fairy orchestra. A fairy orchestra is a delightful thing to behold and you'll become enraptured with pure sound. Big Folk (i.e humans) may become so entranced they can spend the entire day lost in song and dance."

Miles the Fox: "Well that certainly sounds wonderful, I look forward to hearing your music in the fairy garden. Any tips on how newcomers and the Big Folk can hear your music?"

Tim the Fairy: "Absolutely! Jut clear your mind of ordinary thoughts and take a stroll outside in the garden. Close your eyes and listen to the melody of the breeze, concentrate on the beauty of nature and the whispering of all the magical fae folk. In no time at all you'll be following fairy footsteps to the enchanted realm of fairy music. I look forward to seeing you all there!"

Tim The Fairy is a 4" Tall resin pot hanging fairy figurine available for purchase at our site, Enchanted Gardens for $5.95

As always, a special thanks goes out to Miles the miniature fox for his in depth interviewing skills

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