Thursday, August 25, 2011

Miniature Cooking Fairy Door

Miniature Cooking Door

Hello everyone,

I just thought I'd share a magical new addition to our Enchanted Gardens catalog - a festive miniature cooking fairy door from the talented artists at FaeKeepers. Each magical fairy door is individually handcrafted from scratch and features so many charming design details.

The Cooking Fairy Door became an instant favorite of mine the second I unwrapped it. This magical fairy door reminded me of two fantasy favorites from my childhood, Strega Nona and Marmaduke from The Little White Horse. I'd love to incorporate the miniature cooking fairy door into a miniature display or shadowbox in tribute to these two mesmerizing characters.

Strega Nona is a whimsical illustrated book that chronicles a little old witch with a magical cooking pot. Her enchanted cooking pot produces an endless supply of scrumptious pasta. Now that's a power I'd like to have!  Calamity ensues when hungry Anthony takes the pot for a whirl without following instructions and falls prey to a tsunami of pasta.

I'd love to create a miniature strega nona inspired display with warm Tuscan walls, earthenware pottery, a sculpted miniature kitchen with and of course a magical miniature cooking pot.

The Little White Horse. is a fairy tale that personifies the notion of happily ever after.  A story that's full of fantastic characters, I was always intrigued by Marmaduke Scarlet, the aged little elf like figure who cooks for the Merryweather Manor.  Marmaduke would navigate through the manor by a network tiny doors that an adult couldn't fit through. A loquacious and eccentric little fellow he would create fantastic culinary creations in his secret kitchen with the help of his remarkable cat, Zachariah.

I'd love to create Marmaduke's domestic docile in miniature scale. I'm envisioning a cozy kitchen complete with a rustic hearth, pots and pans hanging everywhere and of course plenty of mouthwatering miniature food.

I can't wait to start creating my miniature kitchen displays but I have a hoard of miniatures waiting to be photographed and cataloged before I can start playing.

I hope everyone is enjoying their last few days of summer, have fun!!!

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