Sunday, August 28, 2011

Something to Tweet About

I just wanted to add a quick post that we've welcomed a new family of to our catalog. Enjoy our new feathered friends!

Miniature Cardinal
Miniature Cardinal - Louis - $4.95.

Miniature Blue Jay
Miniature Blue Jay - Mischief - $4.95.

Miniature Oriole
Miniature Oriole - Cacao - $4.95

Miniature Raven
Miniature Raven - Trickster - $4.95

Miniature Robin
Miniature Robin - Cheerup - $4.95

Miniature Goldfinch
Miniature Goldfinch - Bounce - $4.95.


  1. Your blog and work is MAGICAL, exactly the kind of things I imagine going on in my gardens when our human eyes are to heavy with worry to look. You might enjoy taking a look at my garden blog I just posted last night. I love the birdbath fairy garden! I am now a "follower!"

    Amber @

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words Amber, they made my day! I'm off to go visit your fantastic blog. Thanks again!