Monday, September 26, 2011

New! Celestial Fairy House

I just wanted to share some of our new products at Enchanted Gardens.  I hadn't planned on photographing any of these three newbies together but they turned out to be such a perfect trio, I couldn't resist.

Our celestial fairy house is designed from durable resin with a charming cottage style roof, chimney, celestial accent, blue butterfly, hanging beads and wide opening for your toads, fairies, gnomes or any wee garden folk.

Our plane tree fairy figurine is a new addition from the timeless Flower Fairies by Mary Cicely Barker.  I always marvel at the incredible craftsmanship and hand painted details.  I love his whimsical little pose!

Our original style of fox was discontinued but  we're thrilled to welcome our new miniature fox to the Enchanted Gardens family.  Isn't he a charmer?


  1. Thanks Eliana! I'd love to explore a moonlit fairy garden display one of these days.