Sunday, October 16, 2011

New - Miniature Fairy Food

Miniature Fairy Food

If I could pick one genre of miniatures as a favorite, it would have to be miniature food.  I love all the tiny dollhouse scale food that's so cute it looks good enough to eat.   I could spend hours dreaming up miniature cafes and creating miniature gourmet feasts.

I was so delighted when I unwrapped these new miniatures from the artists at FaeKeepers, each one is full of so much magical miniature detail.  I'm working on a fall/Thanksgiving inspired scene to feature these fantastic brand new miniatures but I thought I'd share the new arrivals.

Miniature Fine Fae Flour and Fairy Sugar:

Miniature Fairy Sugar

Fairy Soap and Fabric Softener

Miniature Fairy Soap

Fairy Cakes Baking Set

Miniature Fairy Cakes

Gnome Coffee and Magic Cocoa

Miniature gnome Coffee

Miniature Fairy Crackers

Miniature Fairy Crackers

Miniature Canned Food

Miniature Canned Food

Thanks for visiting our blog, hope everyone is enjoying the start of fall!

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