Sunday, October 30, 2011

New ~ Mushroom House

Mushroom Fairy House
Pictured above - Mushroom Fairy House - $15.95

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween!

I hope you are all enjoying my favorite holiday and eating tons of tasty miniature candy! Isn't everything better in miniature?

I thought I would just add a quick post to share one of our new fairy houses. With the mushrooms that have sprouted all of my garden of late, it seems a perfect time to pay tribute to the fairy's favorite companion. Maybe all the sprouting mushrooms coincide with all the fall fae fairies crossing the realm to celebrate the harvest and winter festivities.

Watch out for all those mushroom fairy rings or you might just find yourself jumping into pile of autumn leaves instead of working.

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  1. Came across this wee little blog of yours while googling. Lots to see here. Have to come back time and again. Some people say I'm and Elf who won't tell his true Identity. I can't tell you where I am from or how long I have been alive but I can lead you to this little path that leads you to my Treehouse.