Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Well Wishes

Mushrooms and Miniature Owl.

Hello everyone!

March sure flew by in a whirlwind of fairies and miniatures!  Thanks to everyone for the terrific start to the fairy gardening spring season.  We've been rushing around like maniacs.  There are fairies tucked in every corner of the shipping department, every nook in the house and even the dog's bed is being taken over by tiny fairy figurines.

We've already sold out of many items but we have just as many new exciting products rolling in so be sure to stop by our website, Enchanted Gardens, to see what's new for spring.

I wanted to share with you two fabulous new wells handcrafted from the talented artists at FaeKeepers.  Their miniatures are always handcrafted to perfection and each piece is truly a miniature work of art.  So close your eyes and make a wish and the fairies just might make your dreams come true!

Happy Easter and Spring everyone!  Eat lots of chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps for me and keep an eye out for fairies on your Easter egg hunts.

                                                                          Featured above: Enchanted Wishing Well

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