Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Fairy Gardens

Summer Fairy Garden

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is surviving the summer heat!   Don't you just love summer evenings when the brutal heat of the day starts to wane?  I always do quite a bit of twilight gardening during July and it's truly a magical time in the fairy garden.

I thought I'd share a twilight time snapshot from our fairy garden.  Our little blossom fairy, wee squirrel and little fox bask in the cool evening breeze in a pink rose garden.  Our miniature fairies love to cool off by splashing water from our fantasy miniature wishing well.

Stay cool and enjoy an enchanted summer!


  1. The background looks great! Is the squirrel part of the wall paper or is he sitting on something?

  2. Thanks so much! The little squirrel is sitting on a part of a ledge he's one of our squirrel animal figurines. I just love little squirrels so much they always sneak into my photos. :>)