Saturday, August 25, 2012

Open to Fairies - New Opening Fairy Doors

Opening Fairy Door Garden

Hello everyone!

How is everyone enjoying the dog days of summer?  I know I'm looking forward to the cool fall weather, my garden always looks a little withered towards the end of summer.   Shipments are arriving left and right so we're busy restocking all the out of stock items and getting ready to add the new fall collection.  I just thought I'd take a quick moment to let you know we've added three new styles of opening fairy doors.  Each fairy door is individually handcrafted from the talented craftsman at FaeKeepers and is a miniature work of art. Opening fairy doors allow you to create an instant fairy house, create an instant secret garden, conceal treasure maps and notes from the fairies or anything you can imagine! We have a little wooden footbridge to match and six new styles of boy fairies, woot!

I'll be posting more new products soon, take care everyone!

Open Fairy Door
Pictured above - Opening Round Fairy Door

Double Opening Fairy Door
Pictured above - Double Opening Fairy Door

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